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Doing the 92 league grounds in 92 hours for Children in Need

Andy Matthews, Dan Frost, Robbie Bruce and Andy Hunt fundraising 92 in 92 for children in need

Doing the 92 league grounds is a marathon that will take most a life time to complete. Imagine then trying to do a whistle stop tour of the sacred 92 grounds in just 92 hours! Well that’s exactly what Midlands based quartet Andy Matthews, Dan Frost, Robbie Bruce and Andy Hunt are aiming to do. We caught up with Rob from the group to find out what, why and when… Groundsman: What inspired you to do the 92 in one go? Rob: In 2013, two members of the current team, Andy M & Dan, completed the 20 Premier League grounds… Read more »

Doing the 92 League Grounds in 72 hours for a good cause

doing the 92 in 72 hours route map

We all know doing the 92 is mammoth journey that over the course of a life time some won’t achieve, so imagine trying to get round all the grounds in one go! That’s exactly what Martin Lane, his mother and father in-law Sue and Dave Loder and family friend Simon Ward are attempting to do. We caught up with Martin before they set off on their adventure to find out when, why and how… Groundsman: How did the idea of doing the 92 come about? Martin: In my Mother-In-Laws Pub (where the best ideas come from!) with my Father-In-Law. We… Read more »

Taking a chunk out of the 92 League Grounds – 9 in 9 days!

When we caught a glance of Matt Libber’s tweet that he was over from America doing 9 of the 92 League Grounds in 9 days we had to find out more. The Groundsman caught up with Matt to find out more about this mammoth trip. Before we start, here’s Matt’s fixture list! QPR v Nottingham Forest FA Cup semi Wigan v Arsenal Swansea v Chelsea Reading v Leicester Arsenal v West Ham Blackburn v Yeovil Bradford v Peterborough Spurs v Fulham Chelsea v Sunderland The Groundsman: Firstly 9 games in 9 days is quite the effort! Have you recovered yet?… Read more »