craigburn27 visited Moss Rose on 15/09/2018

Game watched: Macclesfield Town 1-2 Lincoln City

We arrvied as we generally do by train and the ground was about 25 minutes walk.  On approach to the stadium is was evident that we were not visiting one of the top grounds in the country and the perimiter of the stadium left an awful lot to think about!

Entry to the stadium was split with Women & Children allowed access, but Men were permitted only through one way and were subject to searches.  In the 21st century this is a very backwards way of thinking from the host club and they should have at least a family gate if they wish to follow this practice.

Inside the ground it was an open terrace for us with reasonable faciltiies available.  As the numbers on the terrace grew there was reason for an additional section to be opened and this took a lengthly debate for it to happen.  In the end this made it comfortable for all.

The ground, as I have said before does enough for the clubs size and fanbase, with one modern stand the rest throwbacks from the 70's!

I'd love a club like Macclesfield to be able to grab the locals attention but you get the feeling that even if they got further up the league ladder this still wouldn't happen.

Overall a good trip, but not a ground I want to go rushing back to!

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Added 23/10/2018