M_O_L_E2@hotmail.com visited University of Bolton Stadium on 16/02/2019

Game watched: Bolton Wanderers 0-4 Norwich City

Some of the ratings are probably higher due to the size and nature of the victory. In truth, atmosphere was a bit flat. Wasn’t sure if that was due to the loss on Wednesday night at Preston, whether we just expected to win and after the early goal there was no real fear in that, or whether I was just off to the side and the vocal supporters were more central within the away end. But celebrations of goals were a bit muted certainly, especially considering the Wednesday night result and therefore what an important win this was. Day started with a Hampstead Heath parkrun before catching the 11oclock train up to Manchester. Ended up sitting next to a fellow Canary so that passed the time on the way up pretty quickly. Horwich station is right next to the ground, only negative is no nearby away fans pubs, and the home fans offerings appeared pretty 21st century standard - harvester or Missoula. Queuing to get into the away end, only the youngsters get searched - interesting approach!! Grabbed a pint and a pie - pie had 24% meat - yum.....!! Reasonable space in the seating area and the away end was packed out. Good job it was, as the home end was dross! It did fill up a bit more ten mins out from kick off, but still not great! They didn’t even announce the attendance which is probably a reflection of how poor it was! Norwich were 3 up by half time, and in truth, should have been more. Finished up 4-0 and again, should have been more, especially as the demons of penalty’s past came back to haunt us again. Return train from Horwich was cancelled which would have allowed me time to grab a beer at the station before the London connection from Manchester, and got rerouted to Manchester Victoria instead, but overall a good day, a great result and the yellows march on!!
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