M_O_L_E2@hotmail.com visited King Power Stadium on 14/12/2019

Game watched: Leicester City 1-1 Norwich City

First goal and first point away from home seen this season after 4 games, so the ratings may be slightly biased but equally could have very few complaints here. Got a train from London to Leicester, Met my bro at the train station, grabbed a Greggs and walked towards the ground, passing Welford Road the Rugby ground at the same time. Ended up in the counting house pub with a couple of drinks and watching the Liverpool v Watford game. Pub got very busy as near to the ground and a allocated away pub but the sun was shining for middle of December so people ended up standing outside. Friends came and met us then it was a short walk to the ground from there, immediately arriving at the away end. Didn’t see a programme seller in sight, but as the road led directly to away entrances we didn’t walk round the ground at all so not much of a surprise. Concourse was spacious even though we had 3000+ fans. Queues weren’t too bad either. Seating arrangements had a little quirk, next to our seats the number dropped from 408 to 389 (20 seats not accounted for) so when we arrived at the seating aisle with 380 on it we thought we were miles away! The view was good, decent big screen at either end, a few memorable moments in the game including Iheanacho not giving the ball back and trying to run in and score and getting clattered for his troubles. Pukki scored the Norwich goal, cue mass celebrations with us 1-0 expecting to have been a couple down by that stage of the game. Fairly vocal away end, home end was pretty subdued. Easy enough to get away from the Ground afterwards, although getting out of Leicester was a challenge due to traffic. A wonderful Norwich performance and Leicester was a decent stadium and experience.
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