Geordie boy visited Carrow Road on 23/04/2022

Game watched: Norwich City 0-3 Newcastle United

It was the start of a long but in the end quite happy day.  Me & my partner's daughter set off for Norwich at around 7.20am her boyfriend a Norwich City fan had our 3 tickets for the match.  The drive passed by without any problems, only stopping once for petrol coffee & loo break.

Norwich looks quite a nice place to visit If you get the chance & can stay a bit longer than I did.  Any way it was a sunny day but cooler in the shade, we got to the stadium around 2.40pm after having a couple of pre mach drinks.  We could see and hear the Newcastle fans enjoying the local pubs before the game.  I thought to myself it would have been good being across the river & joining in with the lads.  Our tickets for the game were £13.00 more than the £30.00 the away fans are asked to stump up!! Not to mention we were told we would have a restricted view,  this coming in the way of a support pillar which blocked the view of all things the GOAL at our end.

This being said I was able to see Goal number 1 by moving my head to one side, after the goal I needed to pop away for a loo break.  There were some empty seats at the end of our row so i thought I would sit in one of those empty seats until half time & no sooner had I sat down again than Goal number 2 popped In & I saw that in full view!!! One mistake by timmy in the second half & it was 0-3 to Newcastle both teams has chances during the match but 0-3 it remained.  The Newcastle fans were in great voice before, during & after the game.  For me it was onto the pub for a couple more pints then onto the hotel before having a 5 hour trip back on Sunday. 0-3 & 3 points to boot!!! Champion.

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Added 24/04/2022