jhwafc22 visited DW Stadium

Home sweet home, right in the heart of good old Wigan.

I've been a Wigan fan right from when my primary school teacher took me to watch a game at the DW back when we were in the premier league. Watched many a home match here over the years, hoping to watch every single first team home match without fail this season (22/23), only missed two last season, Wycombe and Charlton.

It's a nice ground, good classic four stands, very easy to get to. Quick walk from the station. Though the home atmosphere's a bit poor usually since the ground is way too big for us (that has its benefits though, means I can sit pretty much anywhere I want). It's not always bad though, has been class in some games, the local derbies and weirdly enough sometimes games you aren't expecting - AFC Wimbledon at home last season for whatever reason had a cracking atmosphere.

The ground's decor is a little off putting as well, the word "WIGAN" on the east stand is off centre, and the word "DW" on the north and south stands is as well. Also you get both blue and red seats, and the red doesn't really fit with our club that play in blue and white, however there is a future plan to change the seats of the ground to all blue with "LATICS" written on the east stand which I'll be looking forward to.

The pies in the ground are ok, but if you want a proper Wigan pie just go to Galloways in the town centre instead. The ones in the stadium are just packaged and reheated, and slightly overpriced as well. If you want food at the ground I recommend just going to one of the burger stands outside the ground though.

The pints are good, but again slightly overpriced (but I'm sure they always are at pretty much every ground). Madri and Carling on tap, can't go wrong with that.

All in all I hope it's a good ground to visit. Since the ground is very big the away end holds about 4700, so if you're a fan of a big club you should have a good away day here. Though of course I hope you don't win. :)

Cheers for reading. Up the fuckin' tics!

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Added 22/09/2022