dan2000smith visited White Hart Lane on 18/12/2016

Game watched: Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Burnley

In spite of the obvious block of, well, being a Chelsea fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip up to the North (of London). Fairly accessible ground, I took the Tube and an overground, while listening to Southampton (one of my second teams) beat Bournemouth 3-1! So in a good mood, I arrived at this soon to be gone ground. It was really interesting to see the inside shell of the 'New Lane', with a current seating capacity of aroud 25! I arrived about 20 minutes before kick-off, through a seemingly deserted and feature-less (no bar, or any other form of shop) concourse and two sets of doors, all while seeing precisely nobody else. However as soon as I came through the second set ofdoors, I was faced with the lush green of the Premier League pitch, this was the first top division I had been to since very early 2014. The game itself was very good, with Burnley taking a surprise lead through Ashley Barnes, before Dele Alli and then in the second half Danny Rose won it for Spurs. The obvious talking point was the blatant red card not given to Moussa Sissoko before he assisted the winning goal for Spurs.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day with the exception of some of the chants and the price of the ticket, £40 is in my opinion too much for an Under-18.

Added 26/03/2017