LukeJ001 visited Bloomfield Road on 26/12/2017

Game watched: Blackpool 2-3 Scunthorpe United

My first awayday on Boxing Day. Was very new to groundhopping at the time and was at the peak of watching Scunthorpe United... didn't have as many commitments at 16 years old. Wasn't as cold as I was expecting despite the Irish Sea wind coming in which made things nippy. Went with Tom and Jensen which was a good laugh. After a long-ish coach journey, explored a bit of Blackpool, see what was going on... turns out nothing much. Went to a home bargains to stock up on energy drinks and sweets already predicting it was going to be a long day... how wrong I was. Got in the ground and Scunthorpe surprisingly brought a hell of a lot of fans despite being Boxing Day. Went 2-0 through a Tom Hopper screamer and Duane Holmes beauty... aaahh wish he was still with us..... however in the second half things got cagey as we bottled the lead somehow, against the run of play with Blackpool having a spell of good play. However, here steps up Hakeeb Adelakun the beauty as he beats the keeper from distance from a fair distanced shot beating 2 defenders which inevitably got us the 3 points. Ran straight back to the coach as my feet were giving up on life from the cold. The final memory was seeing the Blackpool Tower all lit up in the distance from the back window of the coach. I do miss the days of few commitments and 1st year of college where a lot, if not all of the work counted for feck all

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Added 31/12/2017