rules & guidelines

There are many varied rules to 'doing the 92' but these are the ones that we will be following:

  • All grounds ticked off must be a game of association football (including friendlies, reserves and woman's football) in which the game is over 90 minutes and begins with 11 vs 11 with tickets available for purchase (even if you didn't pay for them)

  • Ground tours DO NOT count

  • Only current grounds count i.e. the Emirates not Highbury

  • To complete the 92 you must have visited all grounds for the teams currently in the football league structure

  • You must make every effort to attend the whole game

  • If the pitch has been substantially moved then the ground has to be struck off your list

  • If you go to a ground to watch a none league game but the home side are subsequently promoted to the Football League then the visit does count towards your 92

  • We rely on honesty. If you haven't actually been to the ground or you haven't followed the rules above then you're only lying to yourself (well maybe to us a little bit too)

  • If you have been to a ground more than once then we leave it up to you, you can put your first, best, worse, most memorable or an average of all your visits!

ratings guidelines

  • Try to be as honest as possible. Don't big up your team too much or overly slate your rivals

  • If you don't know how to rate something (maybe you're not as big a fan of pies and pints as us) then leave it blank

Location – consider ease of access, surrounding area, friendliness of the locals and local amenities

Value for money – This includes cost of your ticket, food, drink, program and purchases from the club shop. Basically the cost of the day minus travel

Atmosphere – Although this is partially dependent on the game itself, you should base this on the volume and level of banter from the fans and include the acoustics of the stadium itself

Pint Rating – In the era of mass sponsorship your selection maybe somewhat limited. Consider the availability and price of lagers, ales and ciders in and around the ground

Pie Rating - The traditional football snack. We're looking for quality of the filling, sauce, and pastry

Programme – Consider cost as well as quality of content, layout and statistics

Your review – leave a clear review of the ground and share your experiences of the day, providing any valuable insights and advice for fellow 92ers. Keep it clean(ish). Obviously we won't tolerate any abuse including racism and homophobia

If you're doing the 92 then we would love to hear from you (and maybe see you at a game).

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