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This website was born from the need of three football lovers to embrace a challenge that not many will achieve, to visit all 92 football league grounds. It’s an ambitious mission, one that will take a lifetime not a season but it’s one that over the years we would like to move closer to achieving.

Sincil Bank the home of Lincoln City FC

Our first collective ground to be ticked off the list

We agreed to start the journey whilst arranging to see an FA Cup third round tie in the 2010/11 season. Why not? We were all free on a weekend of FA Cup football, why not take in a game somewhere none of us had been? The chosen tie was Lincoln v Hereford at Sincil Bank, which happened to be a second round replay. It was freezing but a thriller, 4-3 to Hereford in a match that was literally end-to-end stuff.

During the day what intially started off as a spreadsheet where we could keep tabs of our status soon turned into an idea of much much more. What about other people going on the same adventure? Could we share advice with and gain insight from fellow fans? Which ground has the best atmosphere, the best pint? Of course there is huge debate over what counts as a ground ticked off the sacred list, and this website aims to standardise these rules.

The idea soon grew into, we aim to offer a platform for those that want to keep track, but to also feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly grounds that you visit, as well as capturing some key information regarding pint price, pie quality, match experience and much more.

If you would like to get in touch, want to share some advice or fancy doing a guest piece for our news blog please contact the groundsman. We hope you enjoy the site and your journey.

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