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the 92 club – Andrew Chapman’s Journey!

Andrew with his son at Ewood Park

Today we catch up with Andrew Chapman, a passionate Plymouth fan who helps to run their Greens on Screen fan page, which is partially endorsed directly by the club.  On his journey into the realms of the 92 club, and where he learnt his love of football through is late dad, and is now passing on his love of football to a new generation. Groundsman: Firstly, congratulations on completing the 92!!! Which was your final ground and how did you mark the occasion? Andrew: Broadfield Stadium, home to Crawley Town took me to the 92. It was actually my team Plymouth’s second… Read more »

92 before 30 – The Pirelli Stadium Burton Albion

Burton Albion v Blackpool at the Pirelli Stadium League 1

Blogger Katie recounts a trip to the Pirelli Stadium, the home of League 1 promotion hopefuls Burton Albion as she continues her journey to reach the 92 club before turning 30. Ground: The Pirelli Stadium 62/92 Game: Burton Albion 1 – 0 Blackpool Date: 02/01/2016 Thoughts on the ground: The Pirelli Stadium is another modern stadium which was built in 2005. The main stand seats around 2000 people and I did have a bit of a panic on the drive down to Burton when I read that all the seats had sold out. It seems though that a large percentage… Read more »

Cycling to the ’92’ and beyond

leeds united elland road

We all know that doing the 92 is a massive challenge. Forgetting the match the travelling is the journey. It is what takes the real effort and commitment. Now imagine doing this largely under your own steam! We caught up with Leisure Cyclist Steven Rittey to find more about his groundhopping exploits… Groundsman: Ticking off all 92 grounds in itself is a daunting challenge, but cycling to them must have been monumental! The first question has to be why? Steven: To be honest, I am still not sure why! I wanted to visit all of the grounds in the football… Read more »

The Last East German Champions : Hansa Rostock

The ramifications of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 and subsequent reunification (Deutsche Einheit) of 1990 on East Germany are well covered, but the ripple through East German football, is a story not often told. A journey recently took me to the Ostseestadion to see the last East German champions, Hansa Rostock, who won the 1991 competition, earning them a place in European competition, but more importantly, along with runners-up Dynamo Dresden, a place in the reunified Bundesliga for the 1991-1992 season. Hansa Rostock is the most consistent East German team to have existed in the reunified… Read more »