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Poll: Old Premier League Grounds

We want to find out which old ground from the 92 you would bring back given the chance, so we’re going to run a few polls to find out and we want you to have your say. We’ll ask you which ground you want to see back from each of the 4 divisions. Each of the 4 table toppers will then go head-to-head to see which ground that is no longer with us you would love to watch just one more game at. Poll results, Old Premier League Grounds: If you could bring back an old ground from the Premier League… Read more »

Interview: We speak to our first 92 club member

Geoff Jackson,’s first official 92 club member speaks to the Groundsman about his journey to do the 92 Football League Grounds. The Groundsman: Hi Geoff, firstly congratulations on completing the 92! Which was your final ground and did you commemorate the occasion? Geoff: My Final ground was the Liberty Stadium for Swansea V Norwich last Feb. To commemorate the occasion my friends at Carlisle United had contacted Swansea and a little note was placed in the programme (right). Norwich striker Grant Holt scored 2 for the Canaries that day, his mum lives directly behind our house. And it was former Carlisle… Read more »

Dan Scanlon takes in St Andrews

After Aldershot was drawn against Fleetwood on the FA Cup second round we decided to look for games in order to make a weekend of it. Luckily enough Birmingham were at home on the Friday against Middlesbrough. Our last attempt to visit St Andrews was an ill-fated affair when we ended up going to Nottingham Forest, despite having tickets for Cardiff v Burnley and Birmingham v Newcastle (both called off). I was really looking forward to this game as St Andrews was a ground I’d always fancied visiting. After dropping our stuff of at the hotel we got a taxi… Read more »