Join the Football Supporters Federation march for ‘Affordable Football for All’!

We all know that over the past few years the cost of watching football has risen, in a lot of cases drastically. As fans we are at the mercy of the clubs and television companies in a society where it often feels the fan is thought of last if considered at all. Now there is an opportunity for you to exercise your right to protest and join the Football Supporters Federation march for ‘Affordable Football for All’.

As television deals for the Premier League clubs continue to grow the money that these clubs are getting must go somewhere. Some clubs are pocketing huge amounts of cash – others are spending way over the top on transfer fees, agent fees and players wages. When you look at the figures being banded around they merely dwarf the amount the average man on the street is having to pay to watch his beloved team.

Bayern munich president quote re season ticket prices

In a day and age where players are on tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds per week if clubs used a mere 1% of players wages to subsidise ticket prices that would make a massive difference to the fans. I’m sure you’ve all read the quotes from the Bayern Munich president about the reason for their low ticket prices (left) and it’s the same principal that clubs over here should be adopting to take supporters into account more in their decision making.

The march takes place on Thursday 14th August 2014 starting from Marble Arch at 1pm to get the Premier League and Football League offices around 2.30pm. For more details of the march, how to join, the reasons behind it and the brilliant work that the Football Supporters Federation do please visit

Please support the cause and make your voice heard!

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