Safe standing: 5 ways you can help make a real difference

Mock up of how the safe standing installation at Shrewsbury Town will look

Mock up of how the new safe standing /rail seating installation will look. Credit:

With the launch of Shrewsbury Town’s fan-funding initiative the day when all our clubs are able to offer us fans the official option of sitting down or standing up does seem a step closer. However there is still a long way to go and work to be done!

With the campaign live it’s key that the issue of safe standing/rail seating isn’t forgotten and fans across the country continue to bang the drum. Here we share 5 ways that you can help make a real difference:

1. Contribute

If you’re able to chip in towards the initiative it would be a great help! You can contribute any amount you like. There are a host of rewards on offer from having your name included in the Safe Standing Opening match day programme or on the Supporters “Wall of Fame”, to getting VIP tickets for the Grand Opening and even the chance to stand on the “Yellow Wall” at Borussia Dortmund.

Contribute now

2. Share

Being the first of its kind the success of this campaign could change the way football fans across all 92 clubs in England and Wales watch football. Sharing the campaign with your followers/friends is a great way to spread the word to as many fans as possible.

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3. Record

In addition to sharing, the campaign are looking for the support of fans active on social media to record a short clip to camera/smartphone expressing. If you’re comfortable doing so and would like to contribute drop us a tweet to @the92dotnet.

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4. Write

Don’t under estimate the power of the good old letter (or the email!). It’s important that fans across the country like you continue to ask the question, after all if you don’t ask you don’t get. Key contacts to write to are: the club you support, their Supporters Trust, your local MP, the Minister for Sport, EFL, Premier League and FA.

Find your local MP

5. Talk

Finally keep the conversation going (offline!), whether it’s at the turnstile, in the stands, at the office or in the queue at the Post Office. This will keep the issue current and in the public domain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you could spare a minute out of your day to do at least one of the above to show your support for the initiative we’d be very grateful.

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