We want your views on rating the 92 league grounds

You may have noticed a few changes we have made to make it easier to create your 92. Now you only have to select the ground you’ve ticked off and give your overall score – all other ratings are optional, making it quicker and easier to create your 92.

For those that want to add a bit more detail there is the option to rate the grounds on 6 criteria; atmosphere, location, pie rating, pint rating, programme and value for money (pictured below). But have we missed anything???

We want to hear from you if there is anything else you would like to rate your experiences doing the 92 league grounds on. May be stewarding, character, we want to hear from you! Drop an email to the Groundsman or a tweet to @the92dotnet and when we have a list together we’ll give you the chance to vote on what to include.

create your 92 and rate the 92 league grounds

We always welcome fellow groundhoppers thoughts and opinions, so if there’s something you want to see on the site, let us know đŸ™‚