We’ve had a face lift…

Hello and thank you for visiting the92.net. If this is your first visit welcome đŸ™‚ , if you’ve been here before you may notice we’ve had a bit of face lift. The new design is still in progress, if you notice anything up please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

The92.net was born from the need of three football lovers to embrace a challenge that not many will achieve, to visit all 92 football league grounds.

Of course there is huge debate over what counts, and this website aims to standardise these rules, offer a platform for those that want to keep track, but to also feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly grounds that you visit, as well as capturing some key information regarding pints, pie quality, match experience and much more.

Good luck travelling, watching and enjoying the football and we hope you like the new look site.

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