Is the Emirates Stadium set to have a roof?

Well a sunroof. Yes, that’s right. Gunner’s fan woke to the news that the club are planning to add a sunroof to the Emirates Stadium. In partnership with major French car manufacturer Citroen they are looking to harness technology from the C1 Airscape model to create the roof ready for launch on 1st April 2017.

The canvas roof, in red of course, will open in a record 11 seconds plus be used to project message and replays. And that’s not all. Every game an Arsenal fan will be selected at random to choose whether the sunroof is open or closed.

Of course it was an April Fool, but it was a good effort from the club and being ground related we loved it! See the full video in the tweet below…

Thumbnail by Alister Babb Flickr by CC 2.0