We speak to the 9th member of our 92 club!

2017 started in style for ground hopper Jason Lintern. The Crystal Palace and Bristol Rovers fan completed the 92, a journey that for many will take a lifetime, well before reaching 30! We caught up with Jason to find out more about his journey doing the 92.

Groundsman: Firstly congratulations on completing the 92! Which was your final ground and did you commemorate the occasion?
Jason: Thanks! West Ham’s new ground, the London Stadium was my final one. I just celebrated on the day with a few beers with friends, but i’m looking to get a ’92’ themed tattoo later in the year.

GM: What was the first ground you ticked off your list?
Jason: The first club ground I ticked off would have been the Memorial Stadium (Bristol Rovers), not that I remember it as I was far too young. But my first ground was the old Wembley in 1995 even though likewise I only go by what I’m told for that as well.

Jason completing the 92 at the London Stadium

Jason completing the 92 at the London Stadium

GM: How long has it taken you to join the 92 club?
Jason: To join the 92 club as I’m 26 you could say 26 years but if you go from my first ground roughly 20 years. I believe I started thinking about trying to complete the 92 in 2009/10 which is when I started to ground hop.

GM: Which ground was your favourite overall over the course of the journey?
Jason: My favourite one is a very hard one to answer as usually the result can make your experience a lot of difference. I’ve had plenty of great days out at Stoke which is probably my most visited away end and plenty of great weekends in Newcastle for either Newcastle or Sunderland. I can’t really say I have a favourite ground but the likes of Stoke, Hull, Newcastle and Sunderland are ones I always look out for when fixtures are released being in the Premiership at the moment.

GM: And your least favourite?
Jason: Likewise least favourite is also very hard to say because going to the lower league clubs e.g. Boston, Macclesfield, Stockport you don’t expect much from them. Also like I said the result can make it a good or bad experience, if I had to choose it would be either Boston, York or Gay Meadow (Shrewsbury) but as they have all gone my least favourite left in the league would most probably be Southend.

GM: What are the lasting memories of your travels?
Jason: I have many memories whilst completing the 92 the random games of Barnet v Peterborough, Burton v Wycombe and Preston v Aston Villa stand out. But the story I like to tell the most is probably Southampton away. We lost 2-0 and then on the next day I managed to wake up in the Isle of Wight. Another is playing Dover in the FA Cup and spending the night before in Boulogne, France. 2 great memories of Palace away days.

GM: What future groundhopping plans do you have?
Jason: My future ground hopping is to make sure I tick the new ones off as they come up each year. Although half the Conference I’ve done when they were in the football league before.

Supporting Bristol Rovers and Crystal Palace I was fortunate to do most of the 92 grounds watching my team. Blackburn and Crystal Palace are the only 2 away ends I have not entered the times I been there as I’ve only been in the home ends.

GM: Finally, as we all know the 92 can sometimes only last a season if relegations and promotions go against you – who will you looking to come up from the Conference?
Jason: I’ve had a look at the Conference and in the top 10 at the moment it’s only Forest Green and Gateshead I haven’t already done in a league game. Unless Forest Green come up I could be safe for a While 🙂

Thanks to Jason for taking the time to reflect on his journey doing the 92 league grounds with us. To see what Jason thought of the grounds check out his the92.net profile. You can also keep up with Jason and his future ground hopping exploits on Twitter @jasongas.

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