Would Spurs be happy groundsharing Wembley with Chelsea?

With the rumours showing no signs of dying down the possibility of Tottenham and Chelsea shacking up together at Wembley could be happening as early as next summer. We caught up with Spurs fan site The Fighting Cock to get some opinion on the matter…

Groundsman: What do you think of the idea of moving to Wembley while the Lane is redeveloped?
TFC: It’s a necessary evil. No one wants to leave White Hart Lane at all – and the original Northumberland Development Project plans were meant to allow the new stadium to be build around the current one meaning we wouldn’t have to ‘play away’ as we will do. So it’s a little disappointing that this is no longer feasible. Wembley is probably the best and most appropriate venue for us. The other options seem to be the MK Stadium in Milton Keynes, Arsenal’s ground, and Upton Park. Personally I have a moral issue with any move to MK Don’s stadium given because of the way they were formed. Arsenal and West Ham is a no go for obvious reasons – they’re rivals and having to sit in the same seats with their colours and badges all over the place, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Groundsman: What are your thoughts on ground sharing with a rival?
TFC: Wembley is a neutral stadium – we won’t be aware that Chelsea have played there the week before so it’s not really an issue for me.

Groundsman: Arsenal played their Champions League games at the then old Wembley for a couple of seasons and struggled – do you worry that Spurs could face similar struggles settling into new surroundings?
TFC: If we’re being realistic it is going to affect the way the team play – new surroundings will take getting used to and I think our expectations for that season need to lowered. That said Tottenham are probably better equipped to deal with it than Chelsea, we have five England internationals who’ll have experience on that pitch, plus we seem to play better away from home. Obviously this could change by the time that season comes around.

White Hart Lane the home of tottenham hotspur

The current White Hart Lane will be missed by many. Pic credit: Martin Hesketh Flickr

Groundsman: What do you make your Tottenham’s ground redevelopment plans? What will these mean for the future of your club?
TFC: I love White Hart Lane as it is, but I understand the need to build a bigger stadium. Money is the route to success, there is no organic way to win titles, and if you want to compete you need as much money as possible. I’d prefer a game that was more competitive, one where players get paid less, where it costs less to get in the ground, where different teams had a chance of challenging, but the game in England is what it is.
My hope is that ticket prices will be significantly lowered. It’s a huge gamble if the Club think that charging £40 to see Tottenham play Newcastle isn’t going to draw 61,000 people. Not because we don’t have the fans – but because so many are being priced out the game – the cost of football is turning people off.

Groundsman: Finally, how many of the 92 grounds have you ticked off and aside from your own teams ground which are your favourite?
TFC: Not that many, perhaps 15 in total. Underhill was probably my favourite. 1,300 Spurs fans went to watch Tottenham’s U21s take on Arsenal. Amazing night, free, and old school terracing.

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