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the 92 club – Andrew Chapman’s Journey!

Andrew with his son at Ewood Park

Today we catch up with Andrew Chapman, a passionate Plymouth fan who helps to run their Greens on Screen fan page, which is partially endorsed directly by the club.  On his journey into the realms of the 92 club, and where he learnt his love of football through is late dad, and is now passing on his love of football to a new generation. Groundsman: Firstly, congratulations on completing the 92!!! Which was your final ground and how did you mark the occasion? Andrew: Broadfield Stadium, home to Crawley Town took me to the 92. It was actually my team Plymouth’s second… Read more »

Season Preview: The Memorial Stadium returns to the 92

Bristol rovers open top bus parade promotion conference playoffs 2015

The Conference play off final signalled a remarkable turn around for Bristol Rovers. Just over 12 months after being relegated at their own ground, by a team wearing their own kit and only being in the bottom 2 on the last day of the season (you couldn’t make that up!) the Gas bounced back. We caught up with Rovers fan of over 25 years and editor of acclaimed new book ‘Away The Gas’ Martin Bull to find out more about their return. Groundsman: Bouncing back at the first attempt is no mean feat – obviously you’re delighted – did you… Read more »