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One step closer to the 92 club at Victoria Park

main entrance at Victoria Park Hartlepool

Blogger Michael Pilcher made the longest trip left on his 92 venturing to the North East. In part 1 of a 2-in-1 weekend the groundhopper from Kent’s first stop was Hartlepool. Ground 86/92: Victoria Park, Hartlepool Game: Hartlepool United 0 – 1 Grimsby Town Date: 07/01/2017 With Middlesbrough and Hartlepool lying 280 and 290 miles respectively from my Kent home, I really needed a 2-in-1 weekend to get them both done. They looked prime targets for being ticked off over the 14th/15th April Easter weekend, what with that being the only time they were scheduled to play at home on… Read more »

On the road with the Pools at Bootham Crescent

York City v Hartlepool United in league 2

Pools fan Ross Hamilton-Milburn ticks off his first ground of the new season as Hartlepool travelled to York. Ground: Bootham Crescent 15/92 Game: York 1-2 Hartlepool United Date: 15/08/2015 Thoughts on the ground: Bootham Crescent is one of those proper old fashioned football grounds you normally only ever see on one of the million ‘football from the past’ twitter accounts that seem to exist for some reason. For a start, on the approach to the ground you walk past things called ‘houses’ as opposed to through an industrial estate like most modern stadiums are. The turnstiles look like they’ve come… Read more »

A spin around the Globe Arena

Globe Arena Morecambe

Pools fan Ross Hamilton-Milburn makes the trip from East to West as Hartlepool look to claw back points in the League 2 relegation battle at Morecambe. Ground: Globe Arena (13/92) Game: Morecambe 0-1 Hartlepool United Date 14/03/2015 Thoughts on the Ground The walk to the ground from the railway station is perhaps one of the dullest in the football league. I’d never been to Morecambe before and I imagined to it to be a picturesque, quaint seaside town like Whitby or Scarborough. I thought wrong. Morecambe seems to be built on a New York style grid system but that’s where… Read more »