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Completing doing the 92 from abroad!

Joining the 92 club at luton's kenilworth Road

We all know doing the 92 is a marathon and not a sprint. Many won’t complete the epic journey which requires time, dedication, a lot of hard work and planning – imagine now having to do all that from abroad. Well that’s exactly what Norwegian Liverpool fan Einar Kvande has done! We caught up with Einar to find out more about his remarkable achievement. Groundsman: Firstly congratulations on completing the 92! Which was your final ground and did you commemorate the occasion? Einar: Thank you very much! Kenilworth Road was my final ground, 26 years after I watched my first… Read more »

4 grounds in 4 days doing the 92 in style over Easter

vicarage road home of watford fc

With hopping the Easter bunny would have been proud of blogger Adam Thurston had an Easter Bank Holiday weekend to remember using the extended weekend footballing bonanza to tick a quadruple of new grounds off his 92. Grounds: Greenhous Meadow 11/92 iPro Stadium 12/92 Old Trafford 13/92 Vicarage Road 14/92 Games: Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Dagenham and Redbridge Derby County 2-2 Watford Manchester United 3-1 Aston Villa Watford 2-0 Middlesbrough Dates: 03/04/2015 – 06/04/2015 What a weekend. I always knew I would have to make the most of a 4 day weekend, but I didn’t contemplate one such as the one… Read more »

World Cup 2014 Blog Four: Waar is da feestje?….. HIER is da feestje!

Belgium World Cup 2014 Stadium Mineirão

It’s time for part 4 of Michael Moss’s World Cup 2014 blog… We stumbled from the plane and into the heat of Belo Horitonte (said Bay-lo Hori-zon-ch) and were immediately eager to see how the Germany Portugal game was faring. As we made our way to find the game, iIt was very apparent that the planned expansion to support the World Cup was not yet complete. Signage was missing, large areas were sealed off by plastic sheeting or tape, and swaths of the flooring were incomplete and definitely tripping hazards, but without the expected warning signs of tripping hazards. Despite… Read more »

World Cup 2014 Blog Three: The Rhythm of Rio

The Maracana in a sunset tone.

In part 3 of his World Cup 2014 blog Moss heads to Rio. The World Cup 2014 has been lambasted for it’s poor effort to support Brazil, a developing country, with it’s infrastructure programs. The two biggest cities with a combined population of 20 million individuals, although neither the capital, have no rail connection, despite being a relatively close 420km apart. Our group of seven assumed escape velocity from the concrete swamp of Sao Paulo and raced into luscious countryside, however none of us witnessed this due to drowning in slumber. Upon occasionally waking, I admired the freshness of seeing… Read more »

World Cup 2014 Blog Two: Landing with a bump

Michael Moss Sao Paulo World Cup 2014 co-founder and global groundhopper Michael Moss in the second of a series of blogs looking back at his time in Brazil, World Cup 2014. Bleary eyed, tired and hungry, after my 15 hour flight into Sao Paulo, host city for the 2014 World Cup, for the opening ceremony, I dragged myself through the airport, following the masses to the exit signs. I suddenly descended a staircase into a hall of chaos. This was the clearing hall, and pandemonium was the only rule. The queue snaked throughout the hall (large enough for a 7-a-side game), single file, to a line… Read more »

World Cup 2014 Blog One : Into the Unknown

moss's World Cup itinerary co-founder and global groundhopper Michael Moss touches base on his first blog from the World Cup 2014 in Brazil The planet Earth, our World, does a complete orbit of the life giving star, the Sun, in 365.25 days, meaning that every four years we have to incorporate an extended February to catch up with the true orbit of our planet. Every four years, an event occurs that causes much of the World to stop, or at least slow down. That is the World Cup, and for 2014, it is in Brazil, the country who have taken the World Cup… Read more »

Taking a chunk out of the 92 League Grounds – 9 in 9 days!

When we caught a glance of Matt Libber’s tweet that he was over from America doing 9 of the 92 League Grounds in 9 days we had to find out more. The Groundsman caught up with Matt to find out more about this mammoth trip. Before we start, here’s Matt’s fixture list! QPR v Nottingham Forest FA Cup semi Wigan v Arsenal Swansea v Chelsea Reading v Leicester Arsenal v West Ham Blackburn v Yeovil Bradford v Peterborough Spurs v Fulham Chelsea v Sunderland The Groundsman: Firstly 9 games in 9 days is quite the effort! Have you recovered yet?… Read more »